Workplace Trends

Workplace Trends

At Office Interiors, we recognize that work isn’t the only thing you do. And so we are committed to making your workplace more functional, effective and productive, so you have more time for the other important things in life.


Did you know you could positively affect our world with your purchase decisions?

wpt_level Level is a certification program for sustainability of furniture products, which considers the environmental impact of a product’s entire supply chain. This organization provides a searchable database of all currently certified products, so you can research before you buy.
wpt_greenguard GREENGUARD certifies indoor products based on their ability to meet chemical emission standards. So when you buy Greenguard certified products, for your office, you help create a healthier environment for all users. The GREENGUARD Certification Product Guide is an easily searchable database that includes all certified products.
wpt_global Want to know more? Global takes sustainability seriously, and provides a great overview of the industry’s programs. Check out their information here.
Sound masking- As more offices move to more collaborative and aesthetically pleasing open-office plans, sound masking will continue to be an issue that needs to be dealt with. There are many new products on the market such as The Nordgröna Convex by Scandinavian Spaces to handle your sound problems. There are lights, wall accents, huts, screens and other products in the market today. Now lets be quiet. 


As you well know, the time you spend at the office can really affect the way you feel after you leave. Research is proving that our physical habits at work can actually impact our long-term health. OI’s key manufacturers are dedicated to designing products that improve the ergonomics of your work environment.

wpt_humanscale Ergonomic Principals Humanscale is a leader in the development of the ergonomic workstation. Get an ergo-orientation with their video The Four Pillars of Ergonomics, and a complete education on their website.
wpt_heightadjust Height Adjustable Desks – Turns out sitting down all day can be bad for you! (Read more here) Height adjustable desks address this issue, allowing desk bound employees to work and move, by changing their posture throughout the day. Options to consider include height adjustability range, ease of movement, and weight accommodation. Want more info on height adjustable surfaces? Contact OI.
wpt_responsive Responsive Back Technology – Responsive back technology encourages proper posture, promotes dynamic movement and continuously supports changes in posture. Check out this Youtube video to see how Teknion’s RBT Task Chair represents a revolution in seating comfort.

Changing Work Styles

Teknion is a pioneer in studying our evolving work habits and designing products to support the way we work. Open offices, natural day lighting, transparency, collaboration, and telecommuting are just a few of the trends that make new demands on your office environment.

wpt_clubtalk Carl Magnusson speaks on Teknion’s CLUBtalk – Clubtalk is a line designed to provide mobility & interconnectivity among meeting participants. With Clubtalk, data can be sent from a laptop or mobile device to a larger display visible to those present and at a distance. Think of it as a full technology conference room on wheels.
wpt_openoffice Open Offices Create New Space Needs – Today’s shift towards more open-plan offices with increased collective work means addressing the unique needs of smaller, less formal space. Sidewiseâ„¢ is a new style of compact, collaborative casegoods workstation which answers a key workplace need for temporary gathering spaces in between open workstation settings and the traditional meeting room and the private office.