6 Baseline Drivers You Must Consider When Designing or (Redesigning) Your Space

The world has changed quite a bit since the global pandemic began, especially as it relates to our work environments. Companies had to suddenly adjust to work-from-home programs, telehealth skyrocketed, and professors were teaching courses virtually from their homes. After a year of these new conditions, spaces must be adapted to this new normal.

Although the answers may change with this new normal, these baseline drivers will always remain the same. Here are six baseline drivers you must consider as you design (or redesign) your new or existing space.

1. Time

No matter how much you would like to do, it all has to be done within a timeframe. When designing your space, consider how much time you have to deliver. Do you have a lease that begins on a certain date? Do you have to move out at a specific time? When will people fully return to your space? Be aware of selection, delivery, move-in and construction as you determine your timeline.

2. Retention

As people return to the outside world after a year of being home, your environment will become an even bigger influence on overall retention and satisfaction. As you consider this baseline driver, think about what people will be looking for in their new environment. Will they require more space to feel safe? Will they want more open spaces for collaboration? Here, you want to consider how your space inspires and supports your culture.

3. Design/Aesthetics

How important is the look and feel of your space? Have you seen a television show that has the space of your dreams? Organizations must balance the importance of aesthetics, productivity and efficiency in order to maintain an effective environment. What do you want to feel when you are in the space? Do you have any inspiration for reference? Having an idea of what you want your space to look and feel like eases the decision-making process as you make your selections.

4. Customization

Nothing is quite like having a space customized to your organization’s business objectives and goals. Keep in mind, this takes clear communication, time and expertise to translate these objectives into design application. Will specific environments increase productivity? Would you like furniture that can be converted into something completely different? How important is flexibility to your organization? Designing a custom space has its pros and cons just like anything. At the core, understanding why you require customization will help with design and overall selection.

5. Replicability

Would you like to have a space that you can be applied in any location? That execution requires consideration of replicability. Will you have access to the furniture you select in every location? Can your organization trust local contractors to execute or would you prefer partnership with a few firms? As you consider this driver, take into account how the design will translate culturally in each location.

6. Quality

Last, but certainly not least in our list of our six baseline drivers, you must consider quality. What do your warranties include and how long do they last? Will your selections hold up as your organization grows or changes? Here, you want to ensure your space aligns with where your organization is headed and remains solid when unexpected changes arise.

As you consider these baseline drivers, rate each one on a scale from 1 to 5. Be honest. By rating these items, seemingly difficult decisions can now be based on a rated value rather than through a subjective lens.

These drivers are only the tip of the iceberg. That’s why Office Interiors (OI) works with companies throughout this process as a trusted partner to navigate your space. With a team of interior experts, OI offers advice, insight and experience to prepare your environments for a post-pandemic world. If you would like to begin rating your baseline drivers as it relates to your upcoming project, download our baseline driver rating sheet now. If you’d like to discuss more these drivers in more detail, contact us at info@oiatlanta.com.