More than ever workplace design is a hot topic. According to Forbes “By 2020, the average amount of space per employee will drop to 150 square feet, down from 400 in 1985” With collaborative technology and a wide variety of generational differences in workplace preferences, an office has to be widely customizable to the momentary needs.


For the first time in American history we have four generations in the workplace working side by side with a fifth about to join. Research indicates that people communicate based on their generational background, each generation with its own distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectation, habits and motivational buttons, according to Fairleigh Dickenson University.


In addition to generational differences, technology has changed the way we work. With less need for paperwork and paper storage and more reliance on digital communication allowing employees to work in and out of the office all allows for less “assigned” desks and more available space.

After seeing and understanding these issues not only within the industry, but with our own clients, we have found strong solutions for exactly that.

nomado-stapel-4c-bHowever, when those employees are in the office they do need a workspace. If especially limited on space, a great solution is the Nomado. A compact, rollaway desk that is highly customizable. When not in use, the Nomado folds flat to allow multiple Nomados to stack tightly allowing for more space. In addition to stacking, the Nomado units can be placed side by side creating a quick and easy space divider.


When the Nomado’s worktop is open it offers a power strip, allowing users to quickly plug in and begin working with additional space for pens and other spall items, even customizable with a magnetic board on the internal wall. With options for standing or sitting, a variety of colors and customizable features, the Nomado is a perfect solution for small space needs.Nomado_3



While the Nomado is a great solution to an office without the need for assigned desks and low available space, that does not solve the solution of needing a “quiet spot”. In the past, noise has been minimized by a variety of walls breaking up the office. With the new open layout noise travels more easily and there is a higher chance of sudden interruptions without the boundary of being able to close one’s door to make a quiet phone call or video conference when necessary.
FRAMERY 20150209 Phone booths, Helsinki
Framery Phone Booth is just the solution for that. Framery Phone Booth comes with a table top, air ventilation system, electric socket and led light allowing for you to step inside to take that phone call or have that video conference uninterrupted as it blocks sound from entering or leaving the space. Unlike “phone rooms” some companies have specifically put in their spaces for similar issues, this phone booth is moveable not only within the office should you reconfigure, but also moveable should you leave your office space and move to another, saving money long term.90803-BuzziFalls-Birch-1

But sometimes you don’t need that complete seclusion, just a momentary space to get your thoughts straight before your big meeting. BuzziSpace has created a creative divider to help. In addition to its acoustic solutions BuzziSpace has become famous for, the BuzziFalls allows for a playful divide to create a bit of privacy in an open office. With easy installation you can do yourself, this product can be easily moved or adjusted as your needs change.


Each of these items allows for a highly customizable office full of solutions for everyone regardless of generational preference or technological needs. Call Office Interiors today to see what solutions we have for your office needs.