Don’t be misled by all the sit/stand hype

By now you probably feel like you have been beaten over the head with more information than you could ever want to know about sitting and standing at work. You might be feeling like it’s all a sales gimmick for you to buy an expensive piece of furniture that you probably don’t need. First, it is not a gimmick, there truly are risks that come with sitting all day. Secondly, there are many product options, in all price ranges, to meet your needs.


Click this quick video below to get the facts.

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Now that you have the facts, here are some solutions to help address the issue without breaking the bank.

Community areas at standing height. Often we have quick meetings to touch base with our departments or our superiors to make sure everyone is on the same page. Do you go from sitting in your office chair to sitting in a conference room chair? What if instead, you had a community area that was standing height?


Livello Sit Stand - example

Within our office, we do just that. We recently redesigned our office and created 3 new community areas at standing height, allowing for a break from sitting without the need to replace every desk with electronic sit stand desks.



Not all sit-stand desks are the same. While you can get the top of the line desk with many added  features, there are varying options in that category as well. Some electronic, some counter balanced, and even some you crank manually. They vary in size, color, and mechanics so you can find the right one for you.

Livello Sit Stand - mechanics

Livello Sit Stand - shapes

There are units that sit on your existing desk that can transform your desk into sit stand without the need to replace the entire desk.


Humanscale line

Don’t let price hold you back any longer from improving your health. For more information, feel free to reach out to us at