Reinforcing Brand and Culture through your Environment

Genesys is a company driven by a cause. . . “to save the world from bad customer service.” Created in 1990, this contact center software company was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent in 2000, and then re-established as an independent entity in 2012. Intent on reinforcing their individual brand and culture, Genesys worked with Office Interiors to choose furnishings that would promote their values by creating an open, collaborative, team environment.

By working with the experts at Office Interiors, Genesys achieved their design goals within their budget requirements. Teknion’s District workstations provided a light scale and maximized space while creating a sense of spaciousness and transparency. Teknion Leverage panels offered easy customization of each workspace and produced a crisp, clean look at an affordable price. Conflux LED task lighting with PIR occupancy sensors were chosen for their superior performance, pleasing simplicity, and environmental benefits.

Using your physical environment to reinforce your company’s message and values to employees and clients can be a powerful and cost effective tool. Contact Office Interiors and learn how to put your office to work for you!

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