Even though the number of people that have been vaccinated is growing, people are still concerned about returning to work. It will be a challenge for some to get employees motivated to come back to the office. People have fear and anxiety about returning and also have become used to the remote workplace.  Office collaboration is essential to build team culture and most importantly to innovate and create.

There is a lot of information and ideas out there. We all agree that creating a safe environment is first and foremost to giving people peace of mind but what else can we do to attract employees back and keep them engaged?

  • Small acts of appreciation are always appealing and help retain employees. Good emotional experiences and memories influence the energy and workplace experience. Some examples are:
  • Hire a barista one morning a month to make everyone specialty coffees and muffins.
  • Give them a thank you gift for coming back to work
  • Bring in lunch for all
  • Celebrate wins
  • Have a breakout game area
  • Get a company dog

Planning events where the team interacts whether virtually or in person reconnects the team. It not only creates stronger relationships but it also brings fun and happiness into play. Some fun ways to reconnect include:

  • Laughter on call , a virtual laughter gym or virtual improve.
  • Happy Hour Box, a virtual happy hour.
  • Go Game, a virtual game show.
  • City Brew Tours, a virtual beer and cheese pairing.
  • Create a recipe email exchange – everyone has cooked during the pandemic
  • Create a book club
  • Create a workout challenge
  • Go to an escape room

Letting down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor can make a more relaxing setting for workers to comfortably connect with their co-workers. The elements inside can really affect the well-being of the employees. These additions will increase wellness and happiness in the end. There is a lot of research around this. Some additions may include:

    • Outdoor Patios
    • Expansive Windows
    • Plant Life
    • Indoor Air Purifiers

Whatever your ideas are, the most important thing is to listen. Each environment, team and culture are unique, therefore, there will be different needs and solutions to each. After listening to people’s concerns, wants and needs, a return strategy is very important to make the return successful. Our companies have helped in many ways, let us know if you have a need. Stay Safe and Healthy!  And Have Fun.