Do Americans sit too much? Is that the problem?

After much research, it seems that we don’t necessarily sit more, but it is the way we are sitting.

“Most of us do not sit well, and we’ve certainly been putting a lot more stress on our spines,” says Khan, who operates on spines at Sutters Health’s Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

If we change the way we sit, Khan says, it will help to decrease back problems.

“We should sit less, and we should sit better,” he says.

If you look at the way people sit from the side, their back will usually look like a C. This can cause disk degeneration which in turn causes a big problem with your wellness.

Did you know that most desks are build to accommodate a 6 ‘ 4″ male? Now that is not your average American!

Because of this, our desk height is usually in an extremely damaging position. With new technology of sit stands and built in GPS and bluetooth applications, we hope to create more well oriented environments.

You will be surprised at the proper seating for you!

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