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Office Interiors recently returned from North America’s largest design exposition, NeoCon. We want to share with you the most recent advancements in architectural and interior design, to help improve your business. The trends at this year’s event exhibited everything from advancements in touchscreen technology being built into workstations, to improvements allowing productive work anywhere and anytime. As information is carried on more devices, and in more convenient ways, the office has transformed to…
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Flat screens not only in conference rooms, but in offices at all staff levels, conference areas that look like lounge areas, and break rooms that you can actually conduct business in. What is creating this change? With smart phones and tablets as capable as computers, carrying large presentations and data, the only requirements are power and wi-fi to unleash this technology. This year’s exhibit solved that obstacle by including technology, USB, and outlets directly in tables, chairs, and everywhere you might need it. This improvement allows you to work where you will be most productive.


Along with supporting the technology, comes supporting the employee. Not only do the chairs adjust up and down, now the desks do too. This new improvement allows the ability to stand or sit, while working, at the push of a button. However, while the tables are moving up, the prices are coming down. As the industry leaders bring the innovation to the workforce, many manufacturers are bringing lower cost price points for the same work needs.Izzy - Nemo Bar - Technology Full View EDITED

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Another concern, solved by these technology advancements, is smaller work spaces. With the advent of technology, taking mounds of paper away leaves more space for you. With such advancements and improvements, high cost is always assumed. However, with these smaller spaces, comes less real estate cost. This decrease in office space, allows that money saved, to pay for the furniture. More importantly, this creates a win win situation for all, as you attain a current and productive office space, you’re saving money for the company.

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Overall, less is better and that is the new way of the world. Those companies embracing these concepts and supporting it with productive environments are leading all industries. Need proof? Look at the spaces of your industry leaders, you may be surprised.

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