The development of the modern chair is not all about the seat but the individual who will sit. This is proven with All Seating’s core philosophy in providing their customers with all kinds of chairs for all seating applications.

All Seating is Office Interiors’ provider of ‘best’ seats that answers the challenges in the demanding market of furniture. When we say ‘all kinds,’ it is encompassing. From cafeteria chairs to leisure to executive chair, All Seating has mastered the craft in building ergonomic and customized chairs for everybody’s needs. The way they have been successful in this field is their goal of putting their customers first, understanding what’s needed, and then delivering the goods with no hassle on the clients and customers in all aspects of marketing and consumption.

All Seating caters to industries such as health, education, corporate, and government. With a wide array of chair merchandise, we could only present a few but will represent their versatile line of chairs that meet the demands of the old and new world. From one piece to connections of different complementary parts, All Seating could create endless possibilities in furniture configurations, enhancing each environment they cater to.

The Exchange Seater

Produced from a collaborative work, the Exchange seater is the reflection of All Seating’s infinite creativity in terms of promoting movement and wellness over a thousand of flexible designs. Such expansive thinking allows individuals the freedom to work comfortably in their chair wherever they want.

The Exchange seater can accommodate various combinations of seating styles, based on one’s intuitive floor plan. All pieces come together can create a multi-function seating set; it can be a bench, a lounge seat, or seats for semi-private and open enclosures. A blend of aesthetics and function, the Exchange Seater is an indispensable model by All Seating.

The Patient Recliner

The Patient Recliner seat perfectly fits the healthcare setting. Built and designed with comfort in mind, the patient recliner gives a full relaxing moment for anyone in the patient room. With full reclining features, you could just imagine a lazy boy while letting your patient recover to wellness. No dull moments while taking a rest in the patient recliner; as it is made to meet and comply with ergonomics, experienced from its built-in lumbar support, flexibility reclining positions, seat suspension, thick foam and spring for excellent warmth, and footrest for leg stretching.

Other features of the Patient Recliner chair

The Patient Recliner has levers and controls for the patient’s convenience and caregiver’s quick access to the patient’s needs. Perfect in the healthcare setting, the Patient Recliner is a highly recommendable seat for total comfort.

Conference and Executive Chair

Add to this beautiful collection of All Seating is their conference and executive chairs for the career-laden corporate world.
Bringing the features of the modern world, the innovative high back conference chair makes your meeting engagements, training, and learning worthwhile while you can adjust your sitting position based on your weight.

The Guest and Lounge Seating

In all your life, you have been a guest many times. And how cool is the feeling of being valued? The Guest Seating from All Seating will bring you back to the comforts of being a guest, well attended to, and valued for every word you speak and every move you make. Whether you wait or make yourself busy on the guest seat, it’s All Seating’s goal to make their customers happy.

Built for two or more persons, the guest and lounge seating is a sturdy piece of furniture with steel frame, durable suspension for connected seats, and sloped armrests for comfortable waiting.

Seats for All Applications

They say that sitting all day, from 9 to 5, makes one’s life sedentary. But if you imagine a world without a single seat, how could you thrive? All Seating’s principle of providing the solution to people that make life and earning by sitting all day, as it is an inevitable doing, it diverts its focus on making every seat deserving its purpose. What does this mean?

While most activities are done sitting in every day in any kind of work environment, All Seating has been keen on making all their seat products more ergonomic so that it will impact a productive workday. The company has built a reputation in fast adapting to the needs of its customers in the health, education, and office sectors. Their undying quest is to let you feel they have their back in supporting and providing your seating needs, whatever the cost, whatever the time and trend. All Seating knows that they are giving their best in ideas, designs, materials, craftsmanship, and services in the industry they live in.