The need is huge and wide in the furniture market. Office Interiors is always one step ahead to ensure that every industry that requires furniture to fill in their establishments are served. One of its partners, Arcadia, has the same philosophy, serving its customers without letup and connecting to its contract furniture markets continuously to supply the corporate world, healthcare and educational institutions, and sports and government facilities.

Arcadia’s Seating

Creating a welcoming mood, Arcadia’s elegant designs in lounge seating will let you quickly feel the ambiance of a certain place. Their line of lounge seating effortlessly fills a hole in corporate lobbies and other office institutions that will help you forget that time passes by as you wait and make yourself comfortable. The clock is ticking, as they say, but who cares if you are in the right place?

Arcadia’s mastery in sculptural approach and minimalistic wood framing combined with elegant upholstery will capture one’s imagination of a perfect lounge seating. Providing the individual with much comfort with their awe-inspiring models in seats, Arcadia’s craftsmanship effortlessly bring their products to the highest level by embedding their place in the corporate world and similar environments.

Their multi-functional seating displays in-depth creativity as exemplified by their love seat and bench models. They are traditionally built for space optimization, and both for privacy and connection.

The Co-op Meeting Space

Arcadia’s unique concept in work modules is expressed through their furniture products under the co-op meeting space. These modular setup is all about connecting and sharing. Though they have modules that are intended for private enclaves, the semi-private types can be placed strategically in your office setup without eating much space. The idea of these modules is about shared society, where bringing people from all corners of the globe could share thoughts, work together, and experience together the power of communication and inspiration. Besides, they add more aesthetics in the workplace with their stunning and meticulously crafted pieces of furniture.

Feel the comfort, enjoy the company or your solace, and experience a time well spent from Arcadia’s multifunctional meeting space modules.

Arcadia’s Tables

Tables by Arcadia are designed for diverse purposes. From casual to corporate, tables can be used for meetings, conferences, learnings, dining for the workplace lunch areas or cafeterias, these tables are refined and crafted to understand one’s simplicity or lavishness in style and utility. All their tables are built to adapt to innovation and modernity, making them relevant at any given time.

Speaking of multi-purposiveness, Arcadia’s collection of seats and tables can be nested together or mixed with different partners for easy transition to meet every purpose. The variety of sizes, shapes, heights, details, textures, and more, these complementary pieces perfectly go together and serve as the ultimate resource for gathering and working.

Arcadia believes that in order to succeed in any environment, that setting should be engaging, inspiring, creative, and boost interactions among people that gather together to meet similar goals. There’s no reason to fail when you are equipped with all the tools for your undertaking.

Occasional Tables

Anyone should see, feel, and experience the trendy styles of Arcadia’s occasional tables. In circles, ovals, and cubes and rectangles, with edges, smooth finish, and a timeless functionality, these tables are plainly elegant and with a priceless value in terms of materials, finish, functionality, and appeal. Never miss to check their galleries and see for yourself what Arcadia promise can unfold.

Customer-centered Perspective

Arcadia’s foundation strengthened with their ideals focused on their customers and the service they deserve to receive. As the lifeblood of the company, Arcadia has been dwelling on that principle to come out with fresh ideas with their adaptability to the needs of the customers. They have become one of the leading suppliers of tables and seatings for the furniture industry. And because they have been responsive to the ongoing trends, they were able to produce furniture solutions for their wide market.

Since 1979, Arcadia is known to supply novel products, carefully manufactured by using quality materials, intelligent concepts, bringing out the best value in each piece. Each year, Arcadia introduces novel pieces in line with their perspective of prioritizing their customers’ needs. This is reflected in their roster, the Uptown Social Lounges and Benches and many more.

Their consistency in finding solutions for their customers rather than adding up sales on their bank accounts, Arcadia continuously to be popular and successful and from that they have earned the respect of their loyal customers.