Office Interiors set the standards high by choosing and presenting furniture providers who began their quest with a genuine objective all along. Berco Designs’ difference is creating jobs for American families by making tables of high-quality standards. Its founder, Melvin Berkowitz, upholds that the keys to success in their chosen industry are to take care of their customers and the employees that help them move the company and the process of manufacturing of tables forward, a business that will thrive and emerged through the test of time.

The legacy of Berkowitz continued after 40 years, giving full commitment to US manufacturing and keeping the company’s vision and dedication to its talented people. Until now, Berco Designs stand tall by focusing on quality craftsmanship, simple and clean design, and unparalleled customer service. Even with the change of ownership, the company stays in its principle by providing the perfect table for any space.

Berco Tables

Boasting of tables built for aesthetics, quality, and value, the IQ Plus table made by Berco Designs can be one of their most environment-friendly tables. With laminated top surface, paired with aluminum pedestals, there’s nothing to ask for more with this configuration. The IQ Plus is a genius creation with its integrated cable management, offset foot, and oval-shaped column.

Another model among the fabulous line of Berco tables is the Voyager. It is so named due to the myriad of settings you can manipulate or set up. You have the liberty to choose from corporate, training, education, healthcare, or even cafeteria. These amazing adaptations make your environment setup quick to build.


We may be talking about telephone booths but that may seem so traditional to your ears. But the Berco Designs booths can be used as telephone booths, interview booths, private booths for specific purposes, for study and similar setting.

The Cai booth is the gold standard among booths offered by Berco Designs. It is perfectly upholstered for comfort and style that can be streamlined for high-end applications.

The Kingston booth is the traditional sofa-style with high-density foam for optimum comfort and durable materials for overall depth and quality.

Metal Chairs and Bar Stools

With 31 different models named after each state of USA, the metal chairs and barstools by Berco Designs are simply stylistic and a combination of a steel frame, wood, and upholstery. There’s more than meet the eye of these stunning pieces of seating implements. Defining seating at its best, Berco chairs and bar stools are proudly American made tested for durability even for high-traffic applications.

For wood chairs and bar stools, you have 15 elegant designs to choose from. From Addison to Waterford models, enjoy the solid wood and leather upholstery on these seats. Displaying elegance at its peak, Berco wood chairs and barstools are an elegantly contoured frame for your sophisticated taste.

Pride and Courage to Succeed

Berco Designs is proud to have gained the expertise of giant competitors while keeping their feet on the ground. The courage to do great things even if you’re small is how Berco Designs continue to thrive. Prioritizing the needs of its customers at the same time giving value to those who craft their products is a combination of a powerhouse weapon for them to be different among the rest. With their relentless nature in everything they do, Berco Designs will always win in their industry.