Bernhardt Design

Office Interiors never runs out of fabulous furniture products to offer. Our end-users are keen on their choices that’s why we offer novel solutions to our customers and because some people simply have selective preference in furniture design.

Bernhardt Design is one of the sophisticated furniture makers of Office Interiors whose aim is to cater clients with furniture products of multi-industry use. Their famous design tables and seating sets, fabricated with a combination of traditional and modern materials and textures using high-grade textiles, wood, and glass have invaded the global market. And for this, along with their designers who individually and collaboratively impart their unique concepts, Bernhardt Design is proud to be ahead and upbeat.

Bernhardt Design’s eclectic fashion in chairs and related woodworks has embedded a niche in the market since its inception in the 1800s. They have established their unique craft for more than a hundred years now but are still in alignment with the vision of their competitors and colleagues in meeting human-centered needs.

Meet Bernhardt Design’s diverse range of furniture products.

Bernhardt Design Tables

Bernhardt Design tables are built above industry’s standards in terms of usability and appeal. The company has multi-purpose design tables made with different surface textures and core material. A design table could be top-laminated, made of glass, or high-grade wood. They also have tables built with all types of corners: flat, rounded, bevel, and reverse bevel.

Mixing and matching is Bernhardt Design’s method in putting the perfect pieces together, coming up with sets intended for conferences, trainings, and occasional tables for any moment you choose for your needs


Perhaps, seating and all kinds of chairs are integral to Bernhardt Design as a company and as a manufacturer of such items. The rich history Bernhardt keeps on telling with the origin of their unique designs in chairs confounded the firm’s progress and existence to the present. Some companies would start early but gone too soon. Some would start late but fail to keep up with the trend. But for those who grabbed the opportunity to build something new in the olden times and still thrives became the pioneer in their craft. And that is what is all about Bernhardt Design.

Seating and Old Grandma’s Rocking Chair

Celebrating the heritage of the Bernhardt family and paying high regard to French memory, one of their designers, Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance, renewed the old grandma’s rocking chair reflecting America’s view of an open porch. Feel the breeze, relax, and unwind with Bernhardt Design’s refined rocking chairs.

A mix of complex and simple attributes of modern feel, designers in Bernhardt have come up with a diverse selection of seats; from sofa, lounge, barstool, bench, ottoman, and to the ever-popular and traditional swivel chair that has evolved and surpassed decades with its undying purpose in the workplace.

Bernhardt’s flexible design seating, environment-friendly raw materials, may not be your typical style but they perfectly fulfills human’s basic needs.


Bernhardt Design’s credenza desks and cabinets serve as a wall and serving pedestal for any workplace setting. Equipped with classic and modern style, the unrivaled craftsmanship applied on every piece of furniture under the skillful artistry of Bernhardt’s architects and designers make their credenzas highly appealing.

Bernhardt’s Journey to Success

Emanating from its commitment in serving the community, the Bernhardt family-run company, which was founded in 1889, has taken its bold step by opening their local woodwork manufacturing firm by starting small, bringing with them their big ambitions. Today, the Bernhardt legacy and heritage is keeping their humble beginnings by mastering their craft and soaring high as proven by their global leadership in furniture manufacturing. They keep producing new collections that amplify their unique artistry and original artwork, helping them provide furniture solutions to every generation of our time.