Cherryman Furniture

Cherryman furniture has been successful in becoming the benchmark for sustainable furniture solutions, catering to wide customers across Canada and the United States. Office Interiors never stop believing in office system providers with a healthy and fruitful vision. Cherryman has been proven fit to be a pioneer in redefining the value market in commercial furniture.

With a wide array of furniture products for the corporate world, Cherryman ensures that their products are not mass-produced. The company values quality engineering, functionality, availability, dependability, design, and affordability in every piece it produces. Thus, they offer top-of-the-line furniture solutions that will benefit all without compromising quality.

Exploring Cherryman Furniture

Cherryman furniture offers a selection of office systems, stunning, highly appealing, elegant, and perfect for every environment. Who would say no to these fantastic setups Cherryman built but those who do not know the meaning of class?

The Reception

Reception ideas from Cherryman are a jaw-dropping display of genius architecture and planning. The reception setup is an irresistible office plan that fills your reception area with desks, credenzas, task chairs, and all the elements of your front desk area. Cherryman offers six different setups that will surely please your eyes.

The Executive Office

Build your office with Cherryman furniture style. Also coming in a six-setup variation, you can customize your executive office the way you want it to be. Please yourself with formats that match one’s taste; the executive office is the definition of the corporate world.

The Conference

Converge and collaborate with team members, employees, bosses, or colleagues with your fresh ideas and bring out the best in your particular goal while spending those precious time in your fully booked, well-planned and designed conference room. Equipped with office furniture that speaks of class and modernity, Cherryman’s line of conference setups includes task chairs, solid wood long table that amplifies elegance, and credenzas. Optional divider walls are also available if you prefer to change the feel of the conference room.

Cherryman Seating

Cherryman furniture never goes out with chairs for the corporate, training, guest, and conference. Built with pneumatic height adjustment, Cherryman’s task, guest, and conference chairs are just perfectly built to suit their place.

Available in black, grey, or a combination of, with steel frame, armrests, and polished aluminum base, upholstered fabric seat, mesh backrest, these chairs are designed ergonomically, to provide full support and comfort to every user.


To ensure durability, sustainability, and delivery, Cherryman has been pioneering products that come from recycled materials to protect the environment and to gain a continuous source of materials. Hence, having zero violations of harmful chemical emissions is one of the highest principles Cherryman company delivers. They make sure that their products are top grade and manufactured and crafted using recycled materials and processes. So, it is a never-ending process with a quest to perfect every product while recognizing the impact it has on the environment we live in.

Without harming the trees that sustain us with life, Cherryman wood products are made from particle boards made from post-industrial materials. More than that, Cherryman furniture’s continued use of earth-friendly resources, their products are built to last, which decreases the need for immediate disposal.