Partnering with known dealers in the industry, Office Interiors works hand in hand with CorpDesign as they both leap the furniture industry by providing office solutions and delivering unique, sophisticated, high-quality desk and table products for ultimate functionality and appeal.
CorpDesign understands that furniture with high-quality value should not be expensive. With just the right price in mind, CorpDesign builds office solutions for the business-minded people, bringing the value of the product without burden on one’s pocket.

CorpDesign is an expert in desking and seating. Their products run from a basic chair to the most sophisticated executive chair every corporate setting would love to have. And from tables designed with manipulation of materials that have come up with products that give you endless options if you like to experiment in your plans for your chosen environment.

CorpDesign Desking

One of CorpDesign’s quality desk made of wood, steel frame, and top glass. The wide range of options gives the user the liberty to choose from styles that fit every setup. The Veloce benching, for example, is perfect for multi-setting office furniture. It looks elegant for private and semi-private work stations, multi-seater workstations, and training desks. Made of steel leg construction, the Veloce benching is a durable piece of furniture, powder-coated, and is perfect for horizontal workspaces. It is also built with adjustable glides and cable management holes and elements to keep your working environment the most productive and efficient in any way.

The Potenza Series

CorpDesign is proud to present the Potenza executive series that come with a variety of unique designs and combinations of materials to achieve a luxurious vibe. For example, the L-shaped desk is made of the following:

  • Desk shell aluminum frame
  • Curved laminate panel
  • Pedestal with locks

The Sling Series, on the other hand, are desks of contemporary designs using glass as an added attraction and attribute for the modern consumer. For example, the rectangular conference table with glass design has the following features:

  • Tempered top glass with flat edges
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Adjustable glides
  • Storage

Height-Adjustable Tables

CorpDesign never runs out of fantastic table products. From the office desk to conference tables, they also craft tables used for training and tables that can be adjusted according to your needs or likes. And what’s unique about these tables?

  • Lifting capacity up to 220 lbs
  • Lead-free
  • Anti-collision feature
  • Cable management
  • ADA compliant (The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990)

The CorpDesign Alto Executive Chair

The one seat that speaks of corporate design with a touch of classic office appeal, CorpDesign’s Alto executive chair is the representation of a perfect executive chair. Made of upholstered foam and bonded leather, this attractive black executive chair has features you can never shrug off.

  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Chrome steel frame
  • Can accommodate up to 300 lbs of weight
  • Reinforced polished cast aluminum base

Bonded Leather in CorpDesign Chair

In order to build an executive chair made of leather, the materials should come from genuine sources. In line with CorpDesign’s objective to make their products at a fair price, they use real leather combined with polyurethane and come up with bonded leather. The look, touch, and durability is almost the same and is proven more favored and resistant to damage.

Though several other executive chairs are in CorpDesign’s roster of multi-functional products, the Argento and Kripton executive task chairs are ergonomic and made of mesh backrest. With rotatable armrests, adjustable lumbar and pneumatic seat height pneumatic, 300-lbs weight capacity, and other useful controls for the user’s convenience.

CorpDesign for Creative Solutions

So, the next time you look for quality and affordable chairs and desks, CorpDesign is your friendly provider. No matter how stiff the competition in the market, CorpDesign always keeps a good fight. They propose the best products that offer the most practical, unique, and top of the line office furniture. They know what they are doing, and this is proven with their significant years in the industry.