Office Interiors never stops connecting with great makers of furniture that define space, fashionable living and at the same time sharing similar visions about caring for the world we live in. These creative powerhouse furniture producers continuously deliver fabulous and iconic furniture pieces to customers around the world.

One of these companies that endlessly search for new possibilities is David Edward. A Kimball company, David Edward has been in the industry of crafting chairs and tables for multiple environment setups employing the best designers around. Thinking one step ahead is David Edward’s solution to the ever-growing needs of workspaces in all corners of the world, combining novel solutions, high-quality materials, and modern technology to come up with what society needs tomorrow.

David Edward World-Class Furniture Products

David Edward has a complete line of furniture solutions for all places and office landscapes, where anything can be accomplished productively. These innovative chairs and desks were crafted stunningly by modern-day designers with a vision of serving the broader community. The ability to come up with amazing products is not just talent but a commitment to the greater good.


Carrying around 30 models of all types of lounge seats, David Edward’s designs speak of fashion that never goes out of trend but fills the void of what’s lacking in the future. A blend of luxury and quality will let you experience a landscape that can be modeled with endless grace and style. Their lounges are fully upholstered masterpieces that come in different shapes, sizes, and lengths and can be combined to form a sofa or sectional units. Curved or tubular, David Edward makes it a point these lounge seats snug any corner.

David Edward offers 16 pull-up chair collections made mostly of maple frame, tight seat, with and without wings, used for bars, cafes, lounge, dining, and any relevant environment you could think of. They have a complete series of bar stools that can be swiveled 360 degrees.

Remarkable Works of Art

Any furniture provider, perhaps, is not complete if not for the Executive chair. Most modern executive chairs are ergonomically fabricated to support the neck, back, and legs for optimum comfort. These chairs from David Edward have these complete mechanism; pneumatic height adjustment, bendable backrest, well-cushioned seat upholstered with leather or fabric, padded armrest, and convenient movement while seated.

Unique from David Edward is the Konnect, a contemporary landscape seating where a roundtable can be integrated into the middle. This series has a three-bench unit and can be unhooked or re-connected depending on your needs.

Add to this versatile piece is the Looper. The Looper consists of geometrically designed units of 10-inch per piece that can be hooked in loops of 2, 5, 7.

Care for the Environment and Customers

David Edward’s sustainability objective has gone far and wide. For example, all their designs that make use of foam are fire retardant. The materials used in their furniture are made of synthetic fabric so they won’t catch fire easily. They also eliminate the use of harmful chemicals or per-fluorinated compounds.

For David Edward, a seating company does not have to be the largest, but applying unique techniques and approaches, with full control over designs, materials to use, up to the finishing touches, that is earth-friendly is the most rewarding thing they can impart to the world.