Hon’s designs are not trendy, but they transcend time. They believe that if they produce a product based on trends, just like food, it will become stale, old-fashioned, obsolete, and useless. Such philosophy has made them who they are as they continuously build furniture to make their users happy, comfortable, and productive.

Add to the list of their good deeds is their collaboration with smart people. They believe that working with advanced thinkers and designers that hit the podium will put more value in what you do, in the craft you fabricate, no matter how dirty you get but the results will provide functionality and efficiency and bring out the best in every hardworking individual.

HON Desk

When it comes to fulfilling workspace, HON desks will meet all working needs. Whatever task you set out to do in a day, HON desks are made with versatility in function and style. You can opt for L-stations, U-stations, or simply a private station for your workspace. Made of laminate, veneer, or steel, these desks are sturdy to meet your day’s hard work. With surfaces that are scratch proof, spill-proof, and stain proof, create your executive nook with desks built with pedestals or choose credenza where you can keep all your stash.

HON Chairs

With a wide selection of chairs, you can be like a boss, a guest, a student, or any person you want yourself to be. From executive chairs to stool bars and stackables, HON never runs out of chair collection.

Enjoy the multi-styled executive chairs that are–made of leather or mesh and steel base; cushioned seat for comfort; backrests and armrests for free and healthy movement, ergonomically designed; and colors that will reflect your personality when you are the boss.

Now that you serve the boss. Do you feel humbled? With HON’s task chairs, absolutely not! And you stay on top of your game and achieve what you have set to reach while enjoying the benefits of HON’s craftsmanship when it comes to functionality, comfort, and look. Make yourself even more productive with easy-to-reach friendly controls for your maximum comfort. There’s no reason to lag when you know you can recline easy and gain a healthy posture while aiming for excellence.

HON Tables

Conference, training, multi-purpose, or hospitality tables, HON tables provide your guests a home away from their real homes.

First impressions last. When guests arrive at your site, make sure that you have that hospitality furniture where you can make your visitors at ease the moment they sit down. As they begin to feel the good vibe circling around, it’s always right to establish a good impression. And use it as a leverage to promote ideas, share fun, or simply connect even for a few moments.

HON’s conference tables offer something more than just having these pieces stand there for display. Optimize your workplace by gathering smart people to share ideas, collaborate on a fruitful endeavor, and organize work to achieve a purpose. Whether you choose to work alone and have the table by yourself or share thoughts with a team, HON makes your job simpler and comfortable.

Who says training tables are also for meetings? Training tables are distinct in function and look. As the word suggests, these table types from HON are used for the environment specially designed to learn. Some people get bored when it comes to traditional classroom-style learning. To make things light and easy, HON’s training tables are designed to keep up with the changing times. People are becoming diverse and explorative, so you can not put them in a capsule and wait for a day to end as you made them as passive listeners. To engage more interaction, teamwork, and free-spirited space and environment, the HON’s training tables are not for the bored. These tables are innovative solutions to let you loose free and create a more engaging, fun, and happy workplace to thrive. Give your team space to huddle and grow.

Doing Good Business Then, Here, and Now

HON’s legacy of doing good business will continue to defy time. They believe that hard work cannot be achieved overnight, that’s why their perseverance after many decades in the industry has paid off. As long as you continue to discover that there’s more work to be done and that one finished piece does not complete your quest, you continue to build, to work, and to serve whatever the people out there need. And as for their customers, they won’t lack because there’s always work to be done, people to be served, and reason to be around to the right thing.