HON seating is just one of the fabulous lines of furniture that are made with style and timeless. HON’s seating is the niche where you will find a wide variety of selection of chairs, perfected for their distinct function and appeal.

HON believe in manufacturing furniture that will transcend time, so they won’t become obsolete and out of time. Such philosophy has made them who they are as they continuously build furniture to make their users happy, comfortable, and productive.

HON Seating

With a wide selection of chairs, you can express yourself in the person you want to be. You can be like a boss, a guest, a student, or a guest who is ready for an interview. From executive chairs to stool bars and stackables, HON never runs out of chair collection.

Guest Chairs

You’re up for an interview. What have you got? Either you are the interviewer or the one to be interviewed, we can tell the difference. The waiting room has those guest chairs waiting for you. Sit back, relax, and feel the specialty accorded with HON’s guest seats. Ranging from a dozen of styles, HON guest seating motivates healthy conversations, warm welcomes, and friendly smiles. Hit the high note, get it together, and impress the people around you with the elegance these chairs bring to the room.

Executive and Conference Chairs

How does it feel like a boss? HON’s executive chairs might let you say “I got this,” because you can be your boss with their stylish, high-back leather seats. Fully ergonomic and equipped with pneumatic controls, give yourself a chance to be your own boss by showing your toughness in what you do while not compromising your comfort.

The Ignition executive chair ignites your energy to come up with a perfect solution for all your working challenges throughout the day. HON understands the time you need to spend sitting while working. By crafting executive chairs with friendly features, providing full support to your back and lower back, you can achieve quality work that suits your executive style.

Task Chairs

Master your task with HON’s task chairs. Perfect HON seating partner, the ergonomic task chairs will help you deal with your day-to-day tasks in style and comfort.

HON’s task chairs will put you at the top of your game. Feel the comfort, enjoy the look, and work in fashion and functionality of your task chair day in and day out. Make your work life productive with task chairs where you can recline easy, move freely, and still gain a healthy posture amidst your busy life.

The Ignition Re-Active low-back chair fulfills your task while enjoying its natural reclining engineered for optimum performance. Get the support your body needs, and nourish your active mind with the comfort and lift you get from this reactive task chair.

Stacking and Nesting Chairs

With HON’s stacking and nesting chairs, you will see what convenience means. In this fast-paced world, especially in business, we need to adapt and get moving forward all the time. There’s no time to waste, as these chairs are easy to stack or assemble in minutes. You can do it yourself and arrange these seats in training rooms or conference rooms, and believe that you don’t need the whole team to stack them up when the meeting is done.

HON’s seating has a complete line of chairs. They have chairs for public and collaborative spaces, with cafe-style seating, stools and multi-purpose chairs for motivating conversations in gatherings or meetings for two. The possibilities of style, comfort, and use are just endless.

HON’s Legacy

HON’s legacy of doing good business will continue to defy time. They believe that hard work cannot be achieved overnight, that’s why their efforts after many decades in the industry have paid off. As long as you continue to discover that there’s more work to be done and that one finished piece does not complete your quest, you continue to build, to work, and to serve all kinds of people out there. And as for their customers, they won’t lack because there’s always work to be done, people to be served, and reason to be around to do the right thing.