Humanscale office furniture is one of the many brands offered by Office Interiors. With the ongoing search for better office solutions, Humanscale’s desks, chairs and ergonomic office furniture are an integral factor of the evolving workplace setting. Our commitment to you is to achieve a workplace that is fully functional and comfortable, making you more productive in your day-to-day undertaking.

One of the main reasons why people get tired during the day is due to equipment unsuitable to proper ergonomics. With Humanscale’s ergonomic chairs and stools, you are free to move anytime and you will never feel tired or fatigued in your workstation.

Say goodbye to traditional heavy and bulky chairs and welcome to the friendliness of Humanscale ergonomic chairs.

Setting standard in Freedom chair

Novel designs from Humanscale’s ingenuity bring you the gold standard in office seating. Humanscale Freedom office chairs amplify ergonomics in a way where chairs adapt to the seater, giving them the freedom to move with ease.

Humanscale Freedom chair allows you the liberty of enjoying your work to recline or rest your head and give your back full comfort without the complications of old-school office chairs. This kind of reinvention also redefines modern office seating which makes it simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Simple but functional

Simplicity and functionality are key. Traditional office chairs with knobs and levers complicate the position of the sitter even more, and Humanscale does away with that. Any user can effortlessly position and adjust themselves without hassle, having to search for controls to make seating comfortable.

Adjustable armrest

Fixed armrests are a pain in the neck symbolically, but in the arms literally. Ergonomic Humanscale office chairs provide the convenience of getting extra support with their movable armrests, thus, meeting your every kind of posture. All Humanscale desk chairs have armrests that are attached so they follow the movement of the individual every time they move.

Gel seat cushion

Though most desk and office chairs have seat cushions for comfortable padding, they only provide support over shorter periods of time. Humanscale’s seat cushions are built to give all-day comfort. The way they are engineered, by having gel as cushion, gives the individual long-lasting seating comfort, never noticing you have spent a lot of time sitting.

Weight-sensitive recline

Humanscale ergonomic desk and office chairs are designed to adjust to every user. Common problems people encounter with chairs are back pain typically because they could not recline properly. Some desk and office chairs have stiff backrests which is out of ideal ergonomic positioning and puts more pressure on your back, especially when the bodyweight is not compensated based on the weight capacity of the chair. Humanscale ergonomic desk chairs can withstand human sitting weight up to 15 pounds.


Who wouldn’t want their office furniture to have a long life? Humanscale’s ergonomic chairs are built to last and feel like new even after years of use. Their excellent craftsmanship has made their ergonomic office equipment provide outstanding usability and functionality that will exceed human expectations.

  • Exterior upholstery doesn’t crack or chip as they are not painted or treated
  • High-grade textile covering that exceeds the industry’s standards
  • The perfect fit of textiles to cushion doing away with adhesives, making them environment-friendly
  • Non-tear arm caps with a separate foam insert
  • Non-scratch plastic surface
  • Durable against wear and tear without compromising aesthetics

Work-life balance

In alignment with Humanscale’s objective of a healthy and active workplace, the company also offers top of the line Sit/Stand Solutions, as Humanscale’s core values uphold that the key to wellness at work is to achieve a balanced movement. With Sit/Stand Solutions, the sitter has the option to be seated or work standing for overall health, productivity, and energy throughout the workday. At Humanscale, they balance life and work with these amazing and human-friendly office solutions.

Humanscale is Office Interior’s one of the leading manufacturers of ergonomic chairs, desks, and office tools. From freedom chairs to LED lighting, Humanscale boasts its line of products that include desks, monitor arms and docks, technology tools, and office-related furniture and accessories.

Humanscale’s team of ergonomic experts, such as legendary designer Niels Diffrient, work hand in hand to produce freedom chairs. Such collaboration has earned the respect of those in the industry who are keen on ergonomic seating products.