JSI was formed by continuing the legacy of the Jasper Group and believed that in shaping this world into a better place to live in, the company is embarking on a great challenge and in doing so, it leaves a footprint behind.

JSI core team’s philosophy of sheer responsibility propels them to be better as they own every consequence of their actions towards the environment and know the impact or effect of what they do. They uphold that sustainability is essential in order to continue making quality products for their valued customers. They keep the torch burning for those they have established good relations with, including their partners in the industry.

JSI seek to forge new relationships in the industry they belong to so that many end-users will benefit from their products.

Case goods

Jasper Seating Company became JSI when it entered the case goods and hospitality markets and thrived from great challenges brought about by the Great Depression and two world wars.

JSI case goods include lockers, drawers, credenzas that complete any kind of setup or environment you may think of. They can be put together to come up with stunning office rooms or media rooms, or simply design your private office with these fabulous office implements.

JSI believes and continues to take chances on its people, products, and services. These three core elements are JSI’s are strong weapons for their success.


JSI offer around 12 different setups of casegoods for a completely private office environment. From Apogee to Wellington, these stunning casegood models will absolutely answer your dream executive private room.

The Swish model is designed for people who love to collaborate and engage in a healthy working relationship. Designed by Michael Shields, the Swish by JSI is a collection of wood and steel frame tables with a complete set of drawers and filing cabinets for the organized mind. An excellent executive vibe, Swish will make your day productive.


The support collection showcases four impressive setups. For example, the collective presentation houses your multi-media implements fit for a training or conference room. Complete with stylish long tables of fine wood finish, task chair, lounge chairs, and TV and monitor cabinets will make you drool over its stylish and modern appeal.  It answers today’s information and presentation environments with built-in spaces for techs and gadgets with collaborative pieces of furniture for reception, private office, conference, and casual meetings.

Storage and Media

Storage and media setups from JSI offers nine different environments. From Bedspace to Vision, these setups are entirely distinct from one another. The Moto, Reef, and Vision models are examples of wall shelves and credenzas you can utilize and organize your books and other important documents needed for your day to day task. You can turn your office room into a fruitful learning environment with your collection of books and training modules.

Perfect for business environments where you can interact, connect, and collaborate with similar visions, Moto adapts to the ever-changing fashion. It is also perfect for learning environments, such as the campus. Your school’s library can be turned into cooler and engaging nook for group thesis.

JSI’s Vision

JSI value their customers, suppliers, and manufacturers by keeping a sustainable partnership to achieve their goal of protecting and preserving the environment, from which they get their endless resources for their products.

They believe that killing the golden goose will compromise everything they have built. So, from there, they are dedicated to ensuring the health of everyone involved to sustain the business and life itself. Reducing consumption, monitoring price ceiling and increasing efficiency of everyone involved will make this world far better than the first time they found it.