Norix Furniture’s Promising Beginnings

Office Interiors always puts pride and admiration to furniture companies, whether they are young or pioneer in the industry with decades of fruitful histories that speak of hard work and success. Everything must have started with something. Like a seed that sprouts, Office Interiors place high regard for providers like Norix who emerged in the market as a commercial manufacturing entity of furniture, catering to all segments of the working society. 

For Norix, understanding the needs of the industry it serves, it thought about furniture solutions that reflect the company’s vision and mission. It expects that competitions are tough and challenges are imminent. Expertise in manufacturing and innovation in every detail are two essential ingredients to success in their chosen field.

Bedroom Furniture

Norix Furniture is not only focused on providing office furniture but is also responsible for filling the void in facility spaces, commercial, health, education, or government. Norix bedroom furniture collections are sleek in style but durable in function. Norix delivers rock-solid beds with seamless curves and corners for full safety. These beds are ideal for multi-bed rooms like the healthcare facility.

Professionals in the healthcare industry realized that it is time to change the style in a critical environment, especially concerning behavioral and psychiatric facilities. The life in these institutions is far different compared to conventional healthcare. They need a more engaging, lively, clean environment with furniture designed to provide comfort and safety to their inhabitants. Shifting from traditional to contemporary look will also change the perspective of the people running these places.

Meeting this particular need is Norix’s unique service to the market.

Titan Steel Case Goods

How can you define a room when it lacks the essential furniture pieces besides the beds? The Norix Furniture Titan series is a collection of dorm implements, such as the case goods and drawers. This collection provides utility cabinets made of all-steel material. Perfect for any challenging environment and room setting, the Titan faces its name and delivers maximum durability and safety. Steel-made case goods are resistant to fire, bugs, or any infestation that commonly occurs in a room.

Norix Seating

Choose the kind of seating you want. Does your facility require lounge seating? How about stack chairs, ottoman, bench collections of geometric shapes, love seat and armchairs or bariatric chairs for healthcare and critical environments? Their list is almost endless.

Engineered to meet the industry’s standards, Norix tables are for long-term use in any setting. With a load capacity of 500 lbs., Wink armchair by Norix is a reflection of a chair with attitude, robustness, but with an uncompromised appeal. Deviating from ordinary chairs, Norix chairs are one of the versatile chairs in terms of how they are made and their elegant, vibrant, and timeless designs.

Norix Tables

Norix displays a complete line of versatile tables, engineered for durability, functionality, and longevity. With a collection of unique designs, table types can be tables for a cafeteria, lounge, table with fixed seating, cylinder bases, leg-style table, long tables, and multi-purpose tables.

Norix Furniture ensures that all its products are manufactured observing the highest standard in greenhouse emission protection. Having met the UL Environment criteria, Norix is proud to tell the world how safe the environment is from their hands by contributing to a healthy indoor space. Such a move benefits those users of space and the products installed for those settings.