Office Interiors has a long list of superb furniture providers that expertly fill the void in spaces of various industries, such as the workplace, healthcare, academic institution, government, and more. As the industry keeps evolving, Office Interiors continues its commitment to providing top-of-the-line office solutions by offering OFS and its wide range of furniture products.

OFS’ vision aligns with Office Interiors in terms of providing furniture solutions that define seating, tables, and case goods through suggestive modern designs with their open plans and spaces. OFS is a provider of well-crafted furniture, using fine-grade wood, fabric, cushions, sleek coating, synthetic and complementary materials combined with modern methods that will create better experiences for its customers.

OFS Seating

All kinds of seating: dining for cafes, lounge, stools, chairs for executives and conferences, tablets, guest chairs, bench/ottoman, stack/nest, are all provided for to fill every industry’s needs. 

OFS’s versatile seating package complements modern living in any kind of environment setting. This furniture is widely utilized in training, learning, workstations, net cafes, offices for private and semi-private seating, and for meeting spaces. Whatever your office needs, OFS is ready to fill in the void with seating solutions that can make a beautiful statement about your business.

OFS Tables

What’s the beauty of seating without wonderfully crafted tables that will complement every moment of your day while at work? OFS boasts its line of table products that provide extensive comfort for all your dealings. Office solutions, coffee shops and diner solutions, lounge implements, tables for lobbies, for shared workspace, private or semi-private corporate tables, OFS has them all. Sleek, modern, chic, or elegant design, lightweight and cool on sight, whatever you have in mind, OFS has found a way to answer and craft tables that enhance your mood, inspire you to think and focus, or share values and connect with people.

OFS Casegoods

Bookcases and shelves provide complete interior storage for your space. OFS casegoods are furniture and shelving solutions that speak to your excellent design tastes for your workspace.

Crafted elegantly using fine wood materials and finishes that do not chip away or crack in time. OFS has the complete model design that will match your sensitive and sophisticated taste and style.

Furnish your place and realize what you have imagined with OFS casegoods. Put meaning into your dreams; whether for home, office, health institutions, schools, or wherever, OFS case goods fulfill the need of every place, for every kind of person.

OFS Open Plan

Open Plan package is the furniture solution for benching and workstation need. These modern times, workstations are much-needed furniture in the libraries, net cafes, call centers, and more. The convenience of an Open plan is to realize how shared workspaces can be a valuable tool for change and progress. The elegantly laid open plan makes a working environment even more productive.

Space Defining

To complete your workplace amenity, OFS offers architecturally planned space with divisions that define the area in your workplace. OFS shapes your space with wood frameworks that provides privacy and belonging for individuals or for people working together.

Cubicles are perfect interview rooms that are built with Space Defining. Space defining does not intend to divide but to communicate without actually putting people away from one another.

Who is OFS?

OFS is a family-run company that puts its thrust in excellent craftsmanship, design, while achieving sustainability in terms of giving back to the environment. Since OFS is keen on being environment-friendly, it also puts its feet forward in providing the needs of the human race, hence, caring for the people while caring for the world.

OFS has pioneered in environmentalism, because they believe this is the only way to show gratitude from the immense work and products they have invested through the years, and such action is also an investment for the world’s future. This symbiotic relationship with the environment has propelled OFS to achieve its goals of helping the needs of people in terms of creating furniture for spaces for them and continuous work that people could earn from as a living that arises from such creation.

OFS has been running for four generations, making their family business thrive in this industry by working along with talented individuals and passionate people with similar visions.