Open Plan Systems

Open Plans Systems and Office Interiors know the value of pricing. Luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Value for money is an essential element in buying. We want what is best, but usually, the best are costly. With Open Plan Systems’ thrust of putting value in their undertaking gives people to enjoy top-of-the-class office furniture, ensuring that their products are manufactured without compromising quality.

Office Interiors and Open Plan Systems goal of creating a workplace of engaged employees suffice the need of every hardworking person who spends most of his time at work. The systems built behind Open Plan Systems philosophy have encouraged a free-thinking world, where business and opportunities abound.

As one of the leading distributors of high-quality seating and other office implements, Open Plan Systems has no plan of letting up. They continuously grow and innovate products and systems that will benefit a vast consumer and market.

Office Plan Systems

The modern corporate world is fully aware of the workspace environment. To adapt to this fast-pace society, the Open Plan Systems came up with office systems that are customizable and flexible workstations that best reflect your business. Every member of these stations are pieces of furniture made by the best designers around, understanding space, comfort, and quality.

Sit-Stand Solutions

Open Plan Systems’ sit-stand solutions are desk furniture that is ergonomically built for the modern worker. The benefit of a sit-stand desk is enormous. It brings a sense of productivity and efficiency, defying the lame and sedentary style of working. Increase your energy level, add some enthusiasm in what you do, and improve your work performance as well as lifestyle with this healthier way of thriving in a whole workday.

The Open Plan Systems Seating

With hundreds of styles and models to choose from, Open Plan Systems never runs out of something good to offer. Their chairs are accordingly classified as Elevation, Stacking/Nesting, Guest, Value, Task, Executive, and Spacious.

The Elevation Series

Elevate your work life by achieving balance and at the same time, success while being productive in the workplace. Open Plan Systems’s elevation chair series are made of high-quality materials but with a price just right.

Value Seating

Get value in every seating. Comfort and functionality are integrated into how this chair series is built. Open Plan Systems keep in mind that in order to be productive in your desk-bound lifestyle in the office, they crafted seats that bring out the best in every user. With simple engineering in controls and design, OPS ensures that your chair is the most conducive place to stay whichever environment you work. Seek for the unparalleled value of Value seating, and see for your self the fantastic benefits this furniture provides.


Keep your environment intact, sleek, organized, and worth the stay with Open Plan Systems’ collection of storage. These are the best options to get your things organized while you have the freedom to make different combinations that suits your office lifestyle. Pedestals, storage units, wardrobe towers, and drawer files to keep your documents are easy to mix and match and achieve that elegant look in your place. These versatile storage work with any setup you desire.

Innovation, Sustainability, and Value

Innovation refers to being creative while putting more quality in every product. Employing smart techniques and benefiting from advanced technology, there is no reason why Open Plan Systems cannot produce above-industry standards for office furniture.

They stand with value and are proud that their products are approved by Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated. The benefit of being under UL means that the products you buy from them are highly valued and passed fire rated standards. Protect your investments through their long-term warranty policy.

Combined with flexibility in selection and benefits from its products, Open Plan Systems is a company you can trust.