The Studio TK of Teknion features the F500 series lounge chair. A classic armchair in 1967 designed by Geoffrey Harcourt RDI is a curl up lounge chair that provides comfort while making a user relaxed and easy. Teknion’s diverse and trendy collection of chairs becomes iconic pieced for office interiors.

TK Studio Seating

To achieve a perfect executive office setup, TK Studio offers lounge seating that speaks of elegance. Their various styles in the lounge seats provide a different ambiance for the environment you choose. Mostly minimalist and classic in nature, these pieces of furniture are perfect for individual and group reflection.

The Cloud lounge seat by Naoto Fukusawa is a masterpiece of simplicity with a bang. Sofas that come in various lengths can be combined with other Cloud products to achieve a landscape where everybody would love to sit and hang around for a few moments while sharing productive thoughts.

The ‘havn,’ which means ‘harbor’ in Danish is a true provider of refuge and comfort. Similarly, Havn can be a haven for anyone who simply wants to dock and retreat from the hustle of work. Complete with two winged lounge chair, the Havn is complete with its wooden and upholstered sturdy seat, well-cushioned for maximum comfort that welcomes any user to either focus or relax.


Teknion Studio boasts of dynamic tables applicable to different environments. Whether a standalone or complement to other furniture implements, TK Studio tables come from simple to grand and from bold to subtle in terms of their architectural appeal. These tables and desks will fill your heart’s delight as you move from one design to the other and plan your perfect set up to address your needs.

Check these wonderful tables and desks by Teknion Studio:

  1. Bevy Leg work—Perfect for planning collaborative work or for personal needs.
  2. Bevy Pedestal—Designed to match with endless configuration, express your style in a variety of places with these tables of varied sizes and heights.
  3. b&b executive tables—A collection of wood-based furniture for the conference and executive rooms includes bookcases, credenzas, storage, tables, and desks.
  4. Cover occasional tables—With a variety of finishes, tabletops can be of marble or wood finish. These tables are suitable as cafe tables that emphasize creative details in a space. A blend of function and style, the cover occasional tables truly serve their purpose.
  5. Infinito tables—How many times have you felt at home while in an office setting? Infinito tables from Teknion Studio are one of a kind. Can be used as standalone or complement to lounge, Infinito tables are a must-see as they can blend to a more than a thousand scenarios.

Bring life to your space, whether it is a workspace, a leisure place, a place for learning, dining, or pondering, Teknion Studio has a lot to offer. Give yourself a pat on the back; let your day be filled with work-life balance, and never get tired of TK’s infinite line of office furniture. With wide applications, from the lounge to informal interactions, from focusing or socializing, and from collaborating with teams to engaging with multi-cultural settings, there is all the reason to make each day count and do what you are set out to do.