Teknion Catalog

Teknion is one of Office Interior’s well-known partners in delivering high-quality office furniture and workspace plan. Showcasing a wide range of ideas in office settings that cater to different industries, Teknion has been successful in producing and offering state-of-the-art seating, benches, stools, lounge, private and public work zones, workspace, shared spaces, panel and decking systems, and tables that answer all work solutions.

Teknion’s modern contributors in ideas and principles are in flow with the company’s belief in evolution in the business environment. Hence, change is an inevitable element, and all the people that compose Teknion go with the flow by providing the consumers of what they exactly need in the ever-progressing world.

Teknion Panel System

The expanding world and the growing number of people that need space, designers in Teknion have thought of plotting and creating office furniture that will meet the demands of smaller footprints. With the ongoing discovery of how to implement effective solutions in some corporate places with limited spaces, Teknion’s panel systems are the perfect solution to comply with such demand.

Shaping and re-shaping the office landscape is never easy. Teknion Transit and District panel systems offer flexibility by producing furniture systems made of rich material palette, sophisticatedly designed, with various features that will give you the freedom to explore and perform better in the workplace.

Combining functionality and creativity in choosing desks, cabinets, dividers, and drawers that perfectly blend together, there is no reason to lag from every performance in the workplace.


Lockers, pedestals, filing and storage are an important element in any office environment as they complete your day-to-day tasks and keep things in order, making your work environment clean and pleasant.

All kinds of storage products are found in Teknon. Place your accessories, documents, filing system, and any other important work-related belongings and enjoy how you customize your items for an efficient workday.

Work Tables

Teknion work tables may involve large working tables intended for group works and multiple workplace categories. The modern worker who seek flexibility, ease of movement, convenience, and liberty to collaborate with people of similar work habits will bring you to the edge of success of whatever you do at that moment, whether you seek privacy or learning something from colleagues.

Teknion has categorized its tables into different setup. Boardroom and meeting tables may have similar function with work tables but distinctively different in style and purpose. Intended for use in conferences, meetings, training, and more, boardroom and meeting tables from Teknion create a more productive and valuable connection of people within the workplace.

Teknion classroom and training tables are collaborative in nature but provide the classroom setting with the provision of an individual or shared seats and desks while in training or in a class. Conveniently and comfortably crafted, Teknion training tables are up for the modern learner.

Teknion Completes the Modern-Day Workplace Design

Also included in their roster of meaningful office planning and setting are casual tables, work chairs and multi-purpose chairs and tables that are ubiquitous in the modern era of commercial establishments.

Teknion has known all these years that in order to be successful in their design philosophy, their values and objectives should be human-centered, which calls for the true meaning of space.

How Teknion Succeeded

Breaking the barriers of a monotonous, stiff, hierarchical, bureaucratic workplace, Teknion’s founder Saul Feldberg envisioned the need for a diverse and fluid work environment 35 years ago, where every individual could explore one’s limit and capacity to soar and move along with change. Today, Teknion’s vision has been realized and expanded all over the world, as he believed that people should continuously adapt to change, even if this change seemed to be challenging and demanding, especially in the ever-evolving world of technology. By injecting designs based on the current trends, the use of modern technology has given Teknion to become innovative in all its aspects of its business.

Teknion reaches out to its customers, the community, and the planet. And putting value to people who work to produce their merchandise, to the organization they work with, to the designers who integrate unparalleled fashion trend, and clients that support them meet their goals define and fulfill the changes and expectations of the future. For Teknion, diversity is key, and versatility and adaptability are an essential foundations in realizing their vision.