Woodstock Marketing

Office Interiors admire how Woodstock Marketing decide on its strategy in delivering quality products to their customers. Woodstock Marketing loves to go to details in their craftsmanship on their collection of chairs, tables, and other office furniture solutions because they are all about quality. With the perfect arrangement of office solutions in a particular setting based on your personal preference or thought by their creative designers, Woodstock Marketing creates harmony and comfort for the workplace.

Woodstock Marketing offers chairs and tables mainly used for meetings and conferences. In hotels and in places that speak of elegance and function, their merchandise is being upheld to their highest value and use. Room chairs in hospitality, seating gems in academic institutions, lounge seats in waiting rooms, and many more, Woodstock is a great choice of some professionals known in the world who look for elegance and affordability.

The Woodstock Marketing Collection

The Woodstock collection includes executive and swivel chairs, task chairs, stools and side chairs, modular chairs, and tables.

Dream configurations are met, especially used for collaborative spaces with a wide range of styles to choose from. For example, the Horseshoe-type dream lounge is a set of upholstered modular chairs with coated aluminum legs that form your dream lounge where everyone can gather for a moment to hang around or chat.

When it is time to go serious, Woodstock’s more than 10 types of swivel chairs give you no reason to lag. These functional chairs are a reflection of sheer hard work in terms of materials used in manufacturing and in the way they are crafted. Ideal for workspaces and in conference rooms, the Woodstock Marketing’s swivel chairs are a combination of leather, mesh, plated chrome frame with adjustable levers for height and resting position.

Task chairs are made and presented on a different note. Though they may look like swivel chairs, they are ubiquitous pieces you can enjoy in any office plan. With similar features and appeal, these chairs were made to last, durable to carry weight, pneumatic height adjustment, and many more.

The head-turner side chairs and stools are worth to keep in flaunt in your favorite nook. For example, the Santana stool and Who lounge chairs are majestic pieces of art that hand-welded and polished. Enjoy your most precious time waiting on these artistic chairs.

Woodstock Tables

The Woodstock Marketing table collections are a perfect match for the unique side chairs and stools. Dining tables, coffee tables, conference tables, or end tables, these furniture pieces are for the modern mind who combines creativity and class.

Woodstock’s Comprehensive Manufacturing Process

Woodstock Marketing is a privately owned furniture dealer in the United States boasting of thousands of chairs and tables inventory. With such a huge collection, we could understand how the company keeps its promise of delivering quality products since they employ engineers and quality control personnel that put their products forward in the commercial market.

Quality inspection begins by choosing raw materials. From there on, in-process and final inspections are carefully implemented by their in-house engineers and qualified personnel to ensure that before their furniture is packed and delivered, nothing has been missed out.

Woodstock uses high-quality polished steel for framing and eco-friendly leather for all its seating products. And when it comes to durability, comfort, and sustainability, Woodwork Marketing ensures that all its furniture products are BIFMA compliant. BIFMA approves manufacturers who are socially responsible and environmentally concern. Within these parameters, Woodstock Marketing almost exceeds this expectation because its standards are more than what the industry expects.