Is your office utilizing products for productivity?

With the continued influx of technology and collaboration among workers, designers have had to reevaluate lighting, acoustics and ergonomics as new work styles continue to prevail. Managing these three issues can be the real difference in effecting productivity in the office.


General Illumination in the office in the past has been approximately 50 foot candles. Today we are seeing them drop to a new level as low as 35 foot candles at desk height. Therefore there is a real shift to lower the general illumination in offices so that glare and eye fatigue have been addressed. With that comes the need for high quality task lighting.

After adjusting the light levels to benefit your computer use, you then are faced with the task of being able to read highly detailed information. With lighting such as Teknion’s Conflux you get the best of both, no glare and lighting where you need it for spreadsheets and other documents that require higher lighting levels.

Conflux high res with bookWhy Conflux?

Comprehensive line of LED lighting with innovative design and technology advancement

Flat-panel structure and power source capabilities, it is the first LED lamp to use a PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor that works based on the user’s body heat

Conflux is also a power source for electronic devices “the task light features wireless-charging Powermat technology and is equipped with a 5-volt 500mA USB charging outlet” an industry first LED light through an optic prism removes the glare of LED bulb Conflux is lead-free, PVC-free and RoHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) compliant



Another challenge in today’s open environment is acoustics. Making sure that we have the right work-style in the right place is paramount, but then we may need to look to acoustical tools such as sound masking and sound absorbing products, to make the space acoustically appealing for all.Final - BuzziShade

While sound-masking helps mask sounds to the ear, products like BuzziShade absorb sound to create a great one-two punch. Sound absorbing shades and other products are what stops sound through capturing it and causing sound to dissipate. Besides, they add fun and character to a space, all while managing sound.

Why Buzzishade?

Insulates internal conversations while reducing external noise levels

Guarantees pleasantly subdued and diffusely lit surroundings

BuzziFelt is sound absorbent, as well as being ecologically sound



Why are ergonomics important for productivity? Most people realize that good task seating is important, but also having the ability to move about freely is crucial, and for many the ability to stand and work has become essential. By being able to sit or stand at will, the Livello table assists in circulation and good posture for a healthy work environment. That along with good task seating and other ergonomic tools will unquestionably contribute to higher productivity.


Livello PictureWhy Livello?

Supports dynamic, multi-functional spaces that easily transition as new needs arise.

Integrate seamlessly with freestanding or panel-based environments and enable users to adjust tables to fit the task at hand

Employs a spring to counteract the weight on the work surface which affords a consistent user experience independent of the weight on the table – as long as the table is balanced, the same amount of force is required to lift or lower the table.


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