Improving Your Collaborative Spaces with Lessons from High Tech

War rooms, Agile rooms, and Scrum rooms were terms first used in software development, but providing an environment which fosters collaboration is proving beneficial to many types of project and team driven work. Tools that support collaborative spaces are evolving daily, and many can now be incorporated into conventional offices at a fraction of the cost of a total redesign.

Check out a few of the most popular trends that can be easily integrated into traditional office spaces and imagine how your business could benefit from some cool and cost-effective tips and tools from the world of high tech!

Configurable Meeting Rooms

Successful teams need flexible meeting spaces which can be places for development, small group work sessions, large team meetings, or client meetings. Flexible, mobile, technology ready worktables are now available that can accommodate all these needs in a single or multiple spaces.

warroom-pic1 warroom-pic2

Creative Spaces

Comfortable, fun, unconventional areas to work spark ideas and fight burnout. These spaces are useful for little meetings, brainstorming, with clients, or just for a change of pace to clear the cobwebs! Small creative spaces can be tucked into underutilized corners, wide hallways, or break rooms.

warroom-pic4 warroom-pic3

Writable Surfaces and Technology – Everywhere!

Today, writable surfaces come in many forms and colors. Writable glass walls, dry erase walls, panels on wheels, and cublicle panels to name a few – all designed to help your staff capture that great idea whenever and wherever it occurs. Check out these interesting and adaptable versions.


Paintable Dry Erase walls are now available in many different colors. Or write on clear glass panels to let an accent wall color shine through!


Small mobile boards can be used for small, impromptu meetings anywhere in the office, and can double as cubicle privacy walls as well.


DSC_0091Edited warroom-pic8

Marker boards aren’t the only things on the move. Technology boards have also gone mobile, accommodating our laptop and wireless desktop capabilities.

smartbd warroom-pic10

Openness And Transparency

Lots of natural daylight and low cubicle walls improve visibility to co-workers and managers, promoting a sense of ‘team.’ Wide aisles make room for rolling chairs, carts, and white boards around for impromptu meetings and work sessions.

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